Your Honest Dating Advice Of The Day: How To ‘Win’ Back Your Girl

April 1, 2011 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Dating


Most of us realize that there is nothing we can do to ‘win’ or, ‘get back’ the man or woman of our dreams and for those of you who still believe you can win that special person back – are idiots.

Why would you want to WIN them back? Why would you want to do things that are over and above you just to impress them? As soon as your circus routine becomes tiring, s/he’ll get bored of you and leave your sorry ass all over again.

If it’s gonna happen, it’ll happen naturally. You can’t force anything. You should know this by now. Sure it’s tough to let go of your control, but you have to. Just let things unfold the way they are supposed to.

Anyway, for those of us who still have a tough time grasping this, the best way to ‘WIN’ him or her back is to carry on with your life.

It’s natural to get all goofy when someone leaves you. It sucks. Our first instinct is to want them back. We get lonely and we want to run to what feels familiar and comfortable. BUT keep in mind that you broke up for a reason. Maybe s/he got bored of you.. if that’s the case, why would you want them back? If they cheated on you why pine over them?

Get on with your life. 2 things will happen – s/he will come back to you, or s/he won’t. Either way the only thing you can do for yourself is keep living your life. The last thing they need to hear is your whiney, desperate voice.. asking ‘why, why are you leaving me…?’

Live a good life and show others that you are having a good time – regardless of having just been dumped.

The last thing you should do is walk around blubbering like a school girl. You have no choice but to stay strong and take care of yourself.

If anything your new care free attitude may even catch their attention and they’ll start to wonder why they left you.

You also may discover that you only want what you can’t have. That pain or desperation you are feeling is only because you just lost something. Once you start moving forward you may realize that they really never had much to offer you in the first place. Or maybe they did – but again, your only choice is to be strong and walk on.