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Attention Party Illiterate People! Learn The Art Of Partying With This Handy Little Guide

April 4, 2011 | No Comments » | Topics: main

boys and girls guide to getting down

For all you home-bodies out there with no prior experience in the art of partying, don’t fret any longer as there is a instructional video that teaches you the etiquette, the mannerism, the protocols and the proper procedure of having a damn good time. Whether it’s getting into the club, getting free drinks at the bar, getting the best prices on drugs, handling coke fiends, entertaining at an afterparty or dealing with the aftermath of a one-night stand, this movie has all your bases covered. I posted a few videos below to give you a taste of what the movie is all about. It’s on Netflix instant watch, which is a plus, but I’m pretty sure you can obtain this movie in a relatively cheap manner (cough cough torrents).

Free Drinks

The Devil’s Dandruff

The Next Morning

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