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April 4, 2011 | 6 Comments » | Topics: FAIL

nickleback greatest band

Not since the article about Creed being bequeath the title of ‘Rock And Roll Royalty’ have I been so taken aback by such flagarant shiettinest (for lack of a better word).

via Buzzfeed

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  • fields

    this article is clearly a joke. not to be taken seriously at all. very funny too. any chance it was written on April 1st? you got fooled.

  • can’t even tell anymore if stories are real or not, i do know for sure that nickel back is for losers so it is completely possible that a loser wrote this article.

  • Kaiden

    Fuk Nickelback! >:(

  • Kaiden

    F*k Nickelback! >:(

  • Papiss Cisse

    Clearly an April Fool.

  • Bob

    Very obvious joke. It quotes the Nickelback guy calling Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers “visionary artists”.