10 Important Lessons To Consider When Picking Up Women

April 7, 2011 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Dating

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These lessons are taken from Reddit’s seduction area, which has valuabale tips, question and answers in helping you pick up women.

You have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to succeed in game. If you allow fear to run your life you will never get good.

Your physical appearance matters… but not even CLOSE to as much as you think. You need to look the best you can with the body you have, if you don’t like you she won’t either.

Don’t take anything personally. If you take rejection personally you will stop trying. Believe me these girls are just as fcuked up as you a lot of times. Stop taking shiet personally

Don’t assume anything negative. If you assume she hates you, you will freeze up, stop doing this.

Grow BALLS…. Stop crying about a blow out, stop reading seddit for hours hoping to find the perfect line and go try shiet. Advice is useless unless you do something with it. You don’t need to read more you need to try more.

Women like nice guys… They DON”T like WEAK GUYS. This doesn’t mean break out the Ed hardy shiet and pump iron it means set boundaries for acceptable behavior and don’t let her walk all over you, but don’t treat her like a slave… unless she wants that…

Creepy is the worst word in a girls vocabulary, learn NOT to be it.. If you are called it, game is over.

Don’t be afraid of girl friends… Friends who are girls?!?! Yup, they can teach you a lot about how women react.. Stop trying to fcuk everything that moves and learn from people

To win the game you have to be willing to lose the game… Most people play safe and bet small so when they lose it doesn’t hurt. Stop that BS and start putting yourself out there and taking risks. If you don’t go for the things that make you uncomfortable you will always be a pussy.

Self Confidence matters more then you know…If you don’t believe in you she won’t either and it will cause you to suck at everything you do. Fix this.. It’s more important than pussy.