Your Daily Dose Of Truth Courtesy Of A Hot, Well Thought Out And Well Spoken Blonde Named Jenna Marbles

May 20, 2011 | 6 Comments » | Topics: main

Here’s a pretty awesome rant from an insightful chick who can take a step back and see the reality of the modern day situation between men and women. The situation where feminism and chivalry intersect and where women want their cake and eat it too.

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  • Ha ha, this girl speaks the truth.

    2:58 – “Why the F*CK should he do that for you?”
    4:16 – “For you to just, EXPECT a guy, to buy you SH*T just ’cause you were BORN with a VAGINA..”

    Might I add…
    She says: “Fuk me like a whore… but don’t you DARE call me one!”
    I say: Geez, relax b*tch.

  • Darrin

    Seriously, what the fock?

  • The Mad Zak

    I like her!

  • Nick R.

    Is the “Well Thought Out And Well Spoken” part of this title being facetious?

    Could easily have been a one minute video without all the “and, like…”s, “fcuk”s, generalizations and redundancies. Though a valid point, it is only a valid point for a small population of women.

    From my perspective, she sees the “anti-feminist woman” as a hip role to take, thinks guys will “dig it” (she is right, to some extent, as obviously pointed out by comments), and it will get her a lot of male attention.

    I would be curious to know if she has offered to pay for every meal or movie while on a date. I have a sneaking suspicion I know the answer.

    But… I bet I am preaching to the absolute wrong choir.

    • I mean…

      I don’t think she’s being the anti-feminist woman whatsoever… in fact, she thanks feminists for helping women get to where they are. I think, instead, she’s railing at the hypocrite women that are out there, the ones who DO get on a soap box about women’s rights and then turn around and say that its a man’s job to ask the woman to marry him… She’s preaching the true meaning of feminism. Equality.

  • dave

    Nice looking dogs.