Joe Rogan Lays Down A Heavy Dose Of TRUTH For Anyone Willing To Acknowledge That All Is Not Right In America

May 26, 2011 | 4 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

Here’s a pretty awesome video of Joe Rogan calling out the fcuked up nature of American politics, politicians, bureaucracy, the profiting war machine, and a lot of other shiet that might flip your wig. A lot of you guys won’t agree with what he is saying and that’s cool and all, but all I ask is that you listen to the entire thing and let another perspective come into your field of thinking.

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  • The Mad Zak

    I am far from a radical right winger who would love to nuke all our enemies, but I gotta tell ya, Joe Rogan is REALLY wacked out! Jeebus! Yes, it is true, that for millennia people have been going to war for profit. No historian would debate that. But to claim that in recent years the only reason the US has gone to war was to support their economy is f’ng ludicrous. Yes, Haliburton made too much money due to an unfair advantage, but we did not go to war BECAUSE the powers that be wanted Haliburton to make money! Most economists would agree the fact that we are in two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq contributed to our recent economic crisis. Where is our financial gain from those actions? Jeez. Come back into the light, Joe.

    • Johnny B

      The war on Terror is a farce, just like how the Commies were going to come to America and subvert us. War and keeping Americans scared is big business, it keeps people buying, cue Capitalism. Why? Because people want an escape from reality, they can only take so much news about reality and how bad things are.
      I was in the military and know the Bush administration was planning to attack Iraq directly after 9/11, even though there was no evidence of Iraq’s involvement. Since there was no evidence of Iraq 9/11 involvement, then came the distortions about Iraq’s WMD and Nuclear ambitions, both were lies.
      War keeps our American Military Industrial Complex moving, and since it is the absolute largest industry in the world, larger than all other countries military spending combined, we need to have a constant state of readiness or potential war to justify the budget. Trust me it was hard for me to swallow as well, because I served and believed in our Government.

  • tim

    everything joe says here is true. the funny thing is that everyone knows it. you can nitpick as much as you want, but this “War on Terror” has been fishy from the get go.

  • Taka

    When will Joe Rogan go away? Hes an unfunny, talentless hack and now hes trying to get into the political noise machine game?
    Hes no better then Glenn Beck or the Birthers, or the truthers etc…. trying to rabble rouse by regurgitating the same old noise conspiracy theorists have been spewing for years.

    Save face, shut the fcuk up, and go away already.
    – Rational America.