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Judge Milian From The People’s Court Completely And Utterly Rips A Dude A New Hole

June 9, 2011 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Funny Pictures

Here’s a clip from the People’s Court, where some 2nd year law student gives Judge Milian a little too much lip and pays for it with a serious verbal beatdown. Her tirade was so harsh, I’m pretty sure that the next generation of his family line will have their heads permanently lowered in shame and embarrassment.

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  • ADad

    When I was a child in the early ’60’s, I got a beat down like this from my parents. The beat down continued until the mid ’70’s. I realize now that by bringing me into this world and raising me to the age of 14 or so, they did earn that respect. When they chastisted me like the judge just did, they were right, and had every right to do so.