How Awesome Is This Picture?

June 30, 2011 | 10 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness, PIC

no hover hands

Give this kid some props….he’s fully enjoying the moment with two hot chicks, with no hover hands and the rest of his 5th grade glass will think that he is the freaking man when he undoubtedly brings this pic in for show and tell.

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  • dude

    do that brunette-girl grab his wiener!?

    • Kaiden

      Yep, she did. Lol.

  • just saying

    Good for the kid. How about we reverse the situation. Instead of teenage girls posing like they are grabbing a prepubecenst boy’s crotch, lets have a guy older than the girls by the same age as they are older to the boy, posed like he’s grabbing a both those girls crotch or tits. What do we have??? A Pedophile.

    • Fuked up world we live in right?

    • Fuked up world we live in right?

  • Pippin

    Dude! I would buy this kid a root beer. Way to go little man!

  • Bubbles

    …..HOW?!!! This kid has game!

  • I say…

    Obviously two degenerate pedophiles molesting a little boy. Shameful!

    Only pedos would like this pic. The authorities should check on the poster of this filth.

  • Jonesnyc

    This picture looks edited to me.It looks like fake faces on the female bodies.I’m basically just saying fake pictures.They are not even in that room.Just look nice and close at the picture and you’ll see.

  • Tripphobbs

    kid is a savage. Every little boys dream is to hook up with some super sexy older chick. A small number succeed and are known amongst their friends as that kid who is the luckiest kid in the world and almost died of high fives. Now no girl lays in bed daydreaming of some old creeper molesting them. It is just a completely different scenario. And honestly those girls especially the one on the left can only be what, 5 to 8 yrs at most older. No issues here, all the little dude has to apologize for is partying