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Attention All Nerds! This Might Sting A Little But It’s The Truth

August 2, 2011 | 10 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

harsh truth for nerds

harsh truth for nerds

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  • Nerdier than you

    Ouch! Bullseye!

  • Racoonteur

    Man, even if you’re Rambo that’s gotta hurt.

  • Gutterville

    There are some truth to what she is saying but after she is done with those douchebags, she will need a sensible guy to marry.

  • Haisoodes

    I wouldn’t marry a woman that thought douchebags were better than nerds! Don’t change me betch!

  • Genias [sic]

    This is the most pathetic attempt at trying to turn a dangerous, damaging female mentality into an intelligent, sensible argument; the only truth to this is that there are girls who actually believe this, and end up married to a domineering asshole they couldn’t love if he had all the “wisdom” in the world. Grow up ladies, a real “man” is not a Guido douchebag who likes to treat women as a blow-up doll, but an intelligent and respectful person who treats you like a human being and loves you – not just your pussy. You’ll probably get it eventually, just hope it won’t be too late.

    • Gutterville


      • dan

        FUX yeah, bro. Stupid biatches are stupid biatches for a reason: they’ll never learn. So really, the only major flaw in this “nerd” mentality is that they care a little too much when they should be learning to let go. But alas, nobler traits win out in the end, so they get hung up and care even past the expiration date. But hell, better to let your heart take a few hits than to ever do the hitting.

        Solidarity, bros! Nerd mentality for LIFE!

  • What it is

    DAMN! They always come running back anyway.

  • Guest

    To all the young men out there… I can tell you, from a female point of view, that brains are sexy. Just like there’s apparently “douchebags” and “nerds”… Well, it’s the same for girls, really. But usually when you’re still young, you don’t go after the ones who can appreciate who you are, whether you’re a girl or a guy. I’m not the only one I know who broke up with guys because I was considered “boring” for being interested in literature, science or geopolitics. Nerds can be exciting. Just take her out somewhere interesting, where you can actually show you’re smart and appreciate that she’s smart too (tip: girls get told how good they look all the time, but tell her how smart you think she is and she’ll pay attention), do your best to make her laugh, and then just go for it. That’s the best way to get with someone when your best asset is your brain :).

  • SoWhat

    So after she’s done f*cking douchbags and ready to settle down, some nerdalinger will have NO problem settling for sloppy 53rd….beta males deserve nothing better

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