Throwback Clip Of The Day: Mike Tyson’s Greatest Highlights!

August 12, 2011 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Sports

All bullshiet aside, minus the ear bites, the face tattoos, the stint in jail, etc, you have to give Mike Tyson props for being a fcuking beast and one of the greatest heavyweight to step in the ring. Here’s a pretty awesome compilation of his resume of dominance. Enjoy.

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  • Joshcmoe83

    wow, no joke. he was absolutely amazing. his story is kind of a sad one. a product of a bad environment and a VERY rough childhood. you’ll see in his first fight, as soon as he won that, he went over to help his opponent up. he just wasn’t built to handle tragedy, and he got too much of it at once and he just snapped. again, what a shame, but he had a brilliant career while it was really going, not all those sham post-jail fights.