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Beautiful Black Women

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August 17, 2011 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

guys vs girls

Friendship Between Women:
A woman didn’t come home one night.  The next day she told her husband that she had slept over at a friend’s house. The man called his wife’s 10 best friends. None of them knew about it.

Friendship Between Men:
A man didn’t come home one night.  The next day he told his wife that he had slept over at a friend’s house. The woman called her Husband’s 10 best friends. Eight of them confirmed that he had slept over, and two claimed that he was still there.

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  • This is Me

    Shoot, even if you call guys who don’t even like him, they’ll cover for him.

  • Genias [sic]

    Because of course, it’s ok for a man to lie and/or cheat, but for a woman?

    Chauvinism ftw.

    • Gutterville

      Of course men have the right becuase men can’t get pregnant from other women, but women can get preggy with other men.
      sorry women but thats just life