How To Improve Your Game With Women Dramatically: The Abundance Mentality

September 23, 2011 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating


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I just wanted to put out a short note on the Abundance Mentality vs. Oneism as I sit on my break at work reflecting on the past few nights in the field and even at work dealing with customers.

For all those that suffer from a oneistic mentality… You have to do whatever you can to drop it. I’m still pretty AFC and pretty beta in many ways. But, one thing that has definitely boosted my game and helped out with socially calibrating is switching over to the abundance mentality. I used to get a girl’s number and direct all my focus in her direction. I’d blow off girls I was lightly dating or talking to. I had even blown off girls who showed heavy interest because I would smother one single girl. It has boosted my confidence, it has lowered my stress, and in general, I’m a happier person because I’m not worrying so much about one girl. My friends have noticed a difference. I don’t get pouty when a girl pulls back. I don’t worry or freak when a # close doesn’t respond to a text. I don’t freak and respond right away when they respond, and I don’t blow up their phones when they don’t. I realize… There are more girls on the planet than I can meet in more than one lifetime… And I’m gonna be perfectly fine.

I hope you guys don’t see this as a pointless post. But it changed and is changing my life. I hope it can help do the same for you.