I Never Got Why…

October 4, 2011 | 5 Comments » | Topics: Awesomeness, Writing


I never got why people would kill themselves. If you want to die you obviously don’t give a shiet. like, about anyone. ‘cause if there is anyone who loves you, you don’t give a FCUK about them, or hurting them, and if there’s not, there’s no one to give a shiet about.

So instead of killing yourself why don’t you just get the fcuk out? leave the basement, leave your house, leave the motherfcuking country. go on an adventure. spend your time doing something awesome, like tracking down some terrorists. go be james bond. go fcuk up a shark with a harpoon. danger? fcuk that, you were going up against 100% death rate before, you’re being safe now. fcuk EVERYTHING, man, the world is your oyster.

Sometimes I wish I was suicidal. I’d pull the barrel out of my mouth and point it in the air, start a revolution, LIVE. move to barcelona, hit the bars, bang some chicks. STDs, who fcuking gives a shiet?

And then when I’m done, maybe I wouldn’t want to kill myself, ‘cause I’ve seen how beautiful the world is.

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  • Donclark99

    While I agree in some cases, what about the people who are in extreme pain, the ones whos quality of life in nonexistent, the ones who have lost all dignity because they cant take care of themselves anymore. Suicide is not always the answer, but why should some have to go on ‘living’ like that? To spare others of emotional pain? That seems kinda selfish of the family members if you ask me

  • jomama

    “cause I’ve seen how beautiful the world is” or how disgusting it is.

  • jomama

    “cause I’ve seen how beautiful the world is” or how disgusting it is.

  • Cassandra

    unfortunately, or rather, extremely fortunately for you, you have no idea of the searing psychic pain that is severe clinical depression, and/or coupled with extreme & unending physical suffering that leads to this sort of tragic outcome. Also, the black box warning on anti-depressant medications (there isn’t always a source of relief for people like this) that warn against suicide in teens, adolescents and young adults and more than few die as a consequence of that as well. But it’s good you have given this some thought, perhaps you can volunteer to spend some time with people who are broken and forgotten and remind them of why it’s good to be alive.

  • Phoenixx

    When someone has clinical depression (which leads to suicidal thoughts and self harm), they lose the will to live. In extreme cases, some don’t leave their bed, eat, or even shower. How are they going to actually live? Clinical depression and disregard to one’s own life are two completely different things.