Geek Hero Of The Day: George Takei

October 11, 2011 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Awesomeness

george takei

Takei is all class. He was a guest at a convention I attended. My group of friends decided to walk down the street to a high class italian restaurant to get away from everything and have a nice dinner. We were still wearing our badges.

We walked in and the place was slammed. George Takei was talking with the maitre d as he was leaving!!! I almost peed myself. We walked up to find out what the wait was like and the maitre d was very condescending (our group was very casually dressed, and the rest of the people waiting were not). George saw the interaction, walked back over to the guy and said that we were ‘very good friends of his’ and he would take it as a favor if he would treat us well. Then he smiled and left with his party.

We immediately got seated and our service was awesome. All because he stepped in when he saw geeks getting shafted.

True class.