A Few Game Changing Lessons For All The Aspiring Pickup Artist Out There

November 8, 2011 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating

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I just returned from a 7 day conference. I don’t want to go into detail about my experience because I personally don’t like reading field reports and I don’t want to give away too much info that might lead to who I am.

Basically this conference is in California, you stay at a hotel with about 1000 other people who all have similiar interests as you. Ages range from 19 to 70. I was in pick up mode the entire time. Getting as many numbers as I could and utilizing my time there as best as I could. I learned some game changing lessons and I would like to share them with you.

1) Everybody wants to like you, they just need an excuse to. This applies to males and females. Most people aren’t going to discriminate against you for your physical appearance. They want to talk to interesting people and receive value from socialization. Be that person to them. Initiate the conversation, tell an interesting stroy, tell a joke, compiment etc. Realizing this shattered my concept of social hiearchies, even preppy sorority girls with their noses in the air will give you the time of day if you can make them smile.

2) Be nice through your actions, not your words. I was a chronic sufferer of nice guy syndrome. The king pin of AFCs. I couldn’t understand why women didn’t like me. I was such a nice guy willing to do anything for them. After approaching and talking to so many people at the conference I realized that people DO like nice guys. The key is that you have to be nice through your actions. Holding the door open, picking up something dropped, buying drinks etc. Just be kind with your actions and don’t articulate it at all. As soon as you try to demonstrate your kindness through words you come across like you want something. Prove yourself through actions, not words.

3) Everybody is an asshole. Bootyhole is a relative term and everybody on earth has been one in some way at least a handful of times, including you. Never victimize yourself as a nice guy trapped in a world of assholes. Think about it and you should remember a time when you were a dick to somebody because you were having a bad day and didn’t give a fcuk.

4) Build yourself a strong sense of reality. I watched some of Tyler Durden’s real social dynamics. He gave some good advice that finally clicked with me at the conference. He said that women find a strong sense of reality highly attractive. Just think about it. An attractive woman gets approached all the time by douche bags who just want to have sex with her and AFCs who want to be walked all over. Then you come into the equation. A man who isn’t afraid to ride solo. You approach her and instead of trying to throw lines at her you are having a legitmately interesting conversation. You are confident and come off as a guy who knows what he wants in life. You seem completely free and the opposite of clingy which is exactly what women want.

But honestly, the best advice is this: Make your life awesome. All of these lessons will click with you naturally if you just try to make your life interesting and exciting. Don’t take no for an answer, if you have something you want to do, DO IT. No matter the cost, you only have one life to live, minds well enjoy it.

Conclusion: Be kind through your actions, not your words other wise you will come off as fake and needy. Everybody wants to be friends you just have to make them feel comfortable giving you that value. Everybody is a dick so don’t dwell on negative interactions and realize that even you can be a dick sometimes. Have a strong sense of reality and confidence, women will gravitate towards you when you don’t need them to make your life awesome and exciting.