Some More Awesome Pickup Artist Wizardry

November 9, 2011 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating

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“We”: The Single Greatest IOI(Indicator Of Interest) I Know


I wish I could find an article to back up what I’m saying but this just comes from experience. Let me tell a few stories. If you want the TL;DR it will be in bold at the bottom.

Story 1: A while back I was driving out from my college to a friend’s party out at their parents’ farm. The drive was already lengthy and was made even more so by the fact that the driver I was with got incredibly lost. There was the driver, myself, and a girl I had a crush on for a while (we’ll call her “Janice”), pretty much chilling and trying to not disappear off into the woods forever. To pass the time we started talking about the driver’s new boyfriend, and Janice and I start giving the driver shiet, turning everything she said into a dirty joke. Janice was laughing at all my stupid jokes, copying my mannerisms when she delivered her own jokes, all solid IOIs by themselves. But then somewhere inside that conversation, in the quiet following a pretty huge laugh-session, Janice says with warm sincerity “We make a good team, Coover”. Later that evening the whole party was abuzz with the rumor that Janice was feeling something for me. Were it not for complicated romantic conditions at the time I would’ve acted.

Story 2: While I was traveling down South I wound up about 3 hours away from a long-distance, super hot friend of mine (We’ll call her “Jane”). Even though I was still 3 hours away she drove every damn mile to come visit me (a solid IOI), and later when we went to a bar Jane insisted to buy all my drinks (another solid IOI). Despite all this I was still uncertain because, well, I had it in my head that she was way out of my league. But when we finished drinking and started walking back to where I was crashing, Jane laughed at a joke I make in reference to a book and jokingly said (as she grabbed my shoulder) “Oh, Coover. It’s so nice to have someone smart to talk to. We are so much better than everyone else in this town!”. An hour later we were making out.

Story 3: Out at a bar with friends, including a girl, we’ll call her “Melanie”, that I’d been friends with for a long time. Recently, however, I noticed feelings were changing. I started noticing her in a more sexual way, and she’d been making several comments recently about how much my appearance had changed and how good I looked (again, solid IOI). But it was the “We” statements in front of other friends that made me think there was more going on: “Coover and I have been friends for a long time. We have done so much together and we have always been there for each other”. That night we made out.

Theory: When a Woman Stops Talking About “I” or “You” and Starts Talking About “We”, She Wants You. Women, or at least the women I tend to attract, look for compatibility in potential sexual partners. A way they subconsciously express this desire for compatibility, and how they try to plant this idea of compatibility in yourhead and in friends’ heads is through the use of “We” Statements.

There are lots of IOIs that I’ve gotten good at noticing through experience but this is the one common one out of all my recent hook-ups, and, as the stories show, seems to indicate that they are ready to go there and then, as soon as you get a private moment with them.

Of course you don’t need to wait for the lady to start using “We” statements. Start using them yourself to plant the idea in her head. A few strategically placed “We” statements in a conversation will take all the tension to the next level.

We is powerful. Or is it ARE powerful?

TL;DR: You will know she is attracted to you when she stops saying “I” or “You” and starts saying “We”. Your primary goal in psychological seduction is to escalate things to “We”-talk.