5 Outrageous Credit Card Receipts That You Wish You Could Afford

November 11, 2011 | 6 Comments » | Topics: main

outrageous receipts

Drake’s Night Out In Vegas – $189,000


outrageous receipts

Lunch For Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich – $47,221


outrageous receipts

Iron Maiden’s Bar Tab- $3,250


outrageous receipts

Lebron James’ Vegas Trip – $171,937


outrageous receipts

Night Out For The Boston Bruins – $157,000


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  • Gutterville

    The only thing that surprises me is the TAX. Just take last receipt in the UK you would be charged over 22K.
    And I love the mandatory charge/ tip.

    • Mdkas

      They need a mandatory tip.  These douchebags are more than willing to spend this kind of money on themselves and are yet the first to stiff the people that wait on them. 

  • Jtlind0622

    I guess they have the money they can spend it however they want but it makes me think of how quickly that much money can be blown on a quick drunken mess when we have veterans that are so messed up in the head from the shiet they have been through fighting this countries wars (and a lot of them not by their own choice), that they can no longer function well enough to get a job and then have to live on the streets in the cold, the rain, the heat, and whatever other shiet can be thrown at them.

    • topher

      I guess they should have become professional musicians or sportstars instead of enlisting for military service then….
      But seriously, this whole support the troops even if you don’t support the war thing seems a bit contrived. Our brave troops fall into two categories: 1) Those who joined up from 2002 onwards and who clearly do support the wars in Afganistan and Iraq. 2) Those who were already in the forces, who aren’t really brave for going off to war, they’re contractually obliged to.
      Anyway, that’s enough trolling for one day. Au-revior!

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  • WStefanko

    Talk about getting ripped off. On Lebron James’s receipt they charge $48.00 for a 6-pack of Redbull. I just bought a 4 pack for $6.99 at Target.