How To Properly Dispose Of Marquez, Courtesy Of Floyd Mayweather

November 13, 2011 | 8 Comments » | Topics: Sports

I’m no Mayweather fan by any stretch of the imagination and I’ve been a Pacquiao fan since the beginning, but last nights fan made me lose a lot of faith in Manny being able to contend against Mayweather, if ever a super fight were to happen. While Mayweather disposed of Marquez with relative ease, Pacquiao through most of the fight had trouble setting the tempo of the fight that he wanted to set. I would even go so far to say that the fight was a draw. Check out this fight from 2 years ago of Floyd dominating and destroying Marquez with relative ease. Manny, please step up your game, I have faith in you.

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  • Shietson

    The problem with that fight, is that marquez is a counter puncher, if he would have fought his style against floyd, nothing would have happened. Counter punchers annoy the crap out of me.

    • Conrad, Jr. Fabe

      Trouble in the home front equals lousy Pacman. As for disposing Marquez the Mayweather way…makes for a boring fight. Moral of the story, Marquez makes for a boring fight. Mayweather vs Pacman that would be an extremely boring fight. Pacman should retire now

  • Soyelmaschingon

    no memes wey, si la pelea la gano marquez con toda claridad, pinches jueces de mierda corruptos

  • Ccasdasdd

    I WAS a big fan of the pacman, but last night he lost the fight and it’s a shame of what boxing has become.

  • Saj6915

    not sure how you saw this fight as a draw manny lost this handsomely . the judges were crooked

  • Sinjin123

    I like manny Pacquiao hes a great face for boxing but he lost that fight to Marquez…its sad that boxing is dying in this way.

  • yeah, mayweather’s a beast.

  • yeah, mayweather’s a beast.