Some Monday Morning Motivation For All The Aspiring Casanovas Out There

November 14, 2011 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating



The following is from a speech by Artabanus in book 7 of Herodotus, which I’ve been assigned to read in school. Artabanus is advising Xerxes on taking action against the Greeks. A few things struck me:

“For if in each matter that comes before us thou wilt look to all possible chances, never wilt thou achieve anything. Far better is it to have a stout heart always and suffer one’s share of evils, than to be ever fearing what may happen and never incur a mischance.”

Quit sitting around scheming on how to make every approach perfect, and instead just do it. Mistakes are part of the learning process

“Moreover, if thou wilt oppose whatever is said by others, without thyself showing us the sure course which we ought to take, thou art as likely to lead us into failure as they who advise differently; for thou art but on a par with them. And as for that sure course, how canst thou show it us when thou art but a man? I do not believe thou canst. Success for the most part attends those who act boldly, not those who weigh everything and are slack to venture.”

Don’t take everything you hear in this community for granted. Try it yourself. Knowledge is one thing, but experience is another; you may be surprised at some of the conclusions you arrive at. The last sentence particularly rang true with me. Be bold, try shiet.