The Friend Zone Is Beatable! Here’s One Guy’s Story On How He Overcame That Vortex Of Doom

November 15, 2011 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Dating, Story

success baby


It was september 2010, my first year in college and I am a computer science major. In one of my programming classes there was a rather attractive female, ill call her HB10, who was really passionate about programming. This was a fcuking turn on for me. I started talking to her and we quickly became study partners. I would text her almost daily. This was a big mistake. I think she was into me nonetheless. I finally got the balls to invite her over to my place to study instead of the library. She fcuking set up camp on my bed. I sat at my desk like an IDIOT. Didnt make a move. Sat there imagining hooking up with her. I had only made out with one other girl which is a funny fcukkkking afc story, but i digress.

The school year came and went, i texted this girl pretty often trying to get in another situation like that night in september. She wasnt interested. We still talked during class and were total friends. But just friends. Thats when i stumbled upon the Seddit community. I read a lot. I practiced kino and worked avidly to increase my self confidence, and landed some solid hookups. But i still had über oneitis for HB10. Then i decided it was time to move on, there are billions of fish in the sea.

I decided i would stop communication with her, and I brushed off her 2 attempts to catch up via skype, said I was busy. I worked hard over the summer and made some money and started working out a bit (i was scrawny). Time to change the player, not the game.

Fast forward to this year. I showed up to my first day of physics (Week of Sept 1)and guess who was in my class. Keep in mind I got tanner, bulkier (im still scrawny), and a phresh new wardrobe. She was so fcuking stoked when she saw me and hugged me and shiet. She decided we are sitting together all quarter. Her friend sat on the other side of me and she was fcuking hot, ill call her HB8. Me being my new confident self, i compliment HB8 on a pin she had on her backpack that had FSM on it (Flying Spaghetti Monster, for those of you new to free thinking). I made her laugh a bit and after lecture i #closed and set up a homework sesh at my new pad. HB10 saw all this shiet go down.

She sent me a text the first weekend saying we should hang out. I told her i was busy all weekend with club activities, which was half true — I knew what was going down, but i couldnt believe it, I thought the friend zone was like a fcuking 40 man raid boss with a 10 man group of ret pallys. (WoW analogies 4 life) I knew i had her intereest back, and I sure as shiet wasnt gonna blow another opportunity.

I was finally able to pencil her in like 2 weeks ago. We pumped out a program for our systems class and i showed her some of my projects (i wrote an android app over the summer – mega compsci DHV) and we hit a bowl out of my vape. I decided to bust out a bottle of 2 buck chuck and we commenced our evening. She saw my playstation 1 and asked if i had crash team racing. I k-closed her right there. That was too much. We made out for a solid 30 mins, bit of foreplay and what not. She asked if I wanted to bang, for lack of better words and context, and I motherfcuking accepted the challenge. Then we got our pillow talk on deep into the night. I felt like a million bucks. This girl was fcuking great.

I asked her out the next week, after debugging some bullshiet assignmentin the tech lab; we have been going great for a week and a half, the sex is great, and I’m fairly confident this will be a solid relationship (you never know though, obviously, but I’m hopeful).

The friend zone is in your head guys, if you want to down fcuking Nefarian and get that fcuking dank 2handed sword, you have to start in fcuking Zul Gurub to gear up. Im sure you non wowers can interpret well enough.

A big thanks to this community, I currently have the capacity to masturbate to my life as it is right now.

I feel like a million bucks, keep at it gents, you all need to feel what Im feeling.

Love you guys!

Tl;dr – fcuk you, this shiet took like 3 beers and an hour of my time.

Get it innnnnnnn bros.