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man takes care of paralyzed wife for 56 years
This Devoted Husband Has Been Taking Care Of His Paralyzed Wife For 56 Years

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Some Motivation For All The Aspiring Professional Athletes Out There: 26 Pictures Of Mansions Owned By Sports Stars

November 16, 2011 | 24 Comments » | Topics: Sports

Michael Schumacher

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Manny Pacquiao

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Venus and Serena Williams

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Wayne Rooney

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Phil Mickelson

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Ray Allen

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Alex Rodriguez

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Shawn Green

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Shauille O’Neal

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Terrell Owens

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Mark Teixeira – Sean Peyton

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Dwight Howard

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

LeBron James

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Joe Montana

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Peyton Manning

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Michael Jordan

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Derek Jeter

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Tiger Woods

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Jerry Rice

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Dwayne Wade

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Adrian Beltre

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Anna Kournikova

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

David Beckham

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Carson Palmer

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

Carmelo Anthony

Athlete Houses (26 pics)

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  • Payton Manning’s is rather reasonable compared to the rest.

    • Amused

      That’s because PEYTON is humble. He proves that you can be rich and have a nice size home without going overboard.

      • Since when does having a home that has a sh__y exterior equate to being humble?

        How about the reasoning being he likes to go hunting in the offseason and his home is a great location for that?

        What if the inside was just as s___y as the inside would you call that being humble too?

        What if he prefers to use his money to stay in hotels around the world?

        After giving it some thought your probably right. He is a humble white boy

      • BVISTO

        Peyton will probably get a nice $1m+ townhouse in NYC or an estate outside of NYC, playing now for the NY Jets. My fave is MJ’s estate & Jeters on the water, I want to note that the lap pool of Tigers is at least Olympic pool in length. Is Mike Phelps an occasional invited guest?!

  • BillyBob

    Truly pathetic how we value these people looking out for themselves and not the people trying to help others.

    • Adsauber1

      How do you know they don’t try to help others? In fact, I do know about several of these guys, and guess what? They are able to (and do) help out more than you and I will ever will be able to. It is NOT a crime to be wealthy.

  • Fradan

    Dwayne Wade No longer lives in that house, he sold it during the divorce

    • JOU

      He did indeed sell it for 2.4 million as a result of the divorce. He subsequently bought a bigger mansion on the water for about 9.6 million. Divorce stinks!!

  • Adsauber1

    I didn’t know that Mark Teixeira & Sean Peyton were a couple?


    it really shows why this world is in the shape it is in… HOW many people lost or had their home taken back by the banks HOW many children are HOMELESS TONIGHT and sleeping in a car or tent or even on the ground somewhere, but this is not important who Tigere Woods is sleeping with or who lost the ball game last are who is playing this weekend.

    • If you want to live in a socialist country you have every right to move out of America and do so.

      Some people are born into poverty and some are born in a middle class. Maybe that middle class family shouldn’t have gotten that 350k interest only mortgage back in the day when mortgages were approved to all.

      Should I feel sorry for the retards in high school working two jobs just so they can pay for that new car with the rims?

      Have Good Credit? Bad Credit? No Credit? Its ok we will finance you that car and own you forever.

      • You could not define Socialism with a dictionary.  

      • RCorrino

        I don’t think WAKE UP is advocating the rich giving to the poor. Its just that people should be paid what their job is worth…. not what is presumed  it is worth. Gifted athletes are few and far in-between but so are good teachers. Should the CEO of my health insurance company be paid more than my doctor, I don’t think so but I’m probably sure s/he is.

        You are right, live at or beneath your means but those means should fit the the value of the job.

        • Ruomyes

          Your Doctor is worth more than a CEO of a multibillion dollar company. Doctors are a dime a dozen. There are over 300 working at the hospital closest to my house. In any conutry with socialized medicine you can get a medical degree as easy as you can get a degree in fine arts.  Almost every major insurance company is a Fortune 500 company. That means there are only 500 people in this position.  The number of people qualified in this country to be a CEO of a major corperation is so small they almost make athletes look regular.

    • cherri

      That is a bunch of crap and you know it…….people like you who would cuss out and pull down the athletes who work for their money and spend it how they please….what does world hunger have to do with a person spending their hard earned money on themselves and their families…it is you who have the fudked up priorities,,….the lord gave each of us a talent and the ones who hid theirs under the bushel is the ones who are paying for it now………the bible also said that by the sweat of thy brow we shall eat bread and he did not mean it literally….if you had nuff money I doubt you gine give it away just because the world is in the state it is in………if a laugh a pop…..

  • Bpierce

    good for all of them, them are some Awesome estates. MJ yours is unreal damn thats awesome

  • Kjackson

    We all make choices on our line of work. Some pays more than others. Some demands are higher and less pay. Whatever it may be as long as you do it legally,morally and ethically and put in the work I’m not hating. Congadulations to you. Hopefully some of you give and help others. Gods good. 

  • Ginia63

    I think that all the estates are really nice, but If I did have all the money these people have, I don’t think that I would go all out just to out shine the other person.  I’m not saying these people don’t deserve to live this way and they worked hard for it. But I hope that they do take in consideration that there are people in the world who wishes that they just had any kind of roof over their heads.

  • It’s so nice to see that the revenue from those $150 end zone seats is being put to good use.

  • mackrelsnapper

    Mike Jordans has its own zipcode and mayor!!
    Dont believe I seen a house that big b4

  • Russell

    Capitalism at its best. They only earn what they are worth, no more, no less. If I could earn that kind of compensation for what I do, would I turn it down because its “too much”?????……yeah, right! BTW: Notice how many are on the water?

    • RCorrino

      “They only earn what they are worth”

      Really, hitting a small ball with a stick or throwing a bigger ball though a hoop is really worth millions? I admit their skill ( as I cannot even come close to doing what they do) is worth a lot but millions?

      Yes, I would not turn down that kind of compensation myself. I don’t fault these people. I fault the  people who actually OFFER them these obscene amounts in the first place.

      Athletes and Actors…. overpaid jobs humanity can live without.

  • Russell

    Capitalism at its best. They only earn what they are worth, no more, no less. If I could earn that kind of compensation for what I do, would I turn it down because its “too much”?????……yeah, right! BTW: Notice how many are on the water?

  • Leadbelly

    Those are some fcuking ugly homes