True Story, Bro

November 29, 2011 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Story

true story

Alnght, so I’m 16 (as most of you know) and (much like most teenagers) I was speeding (I was going like 85 in a 40). Anyway so I get pulled over. I’m like FCUK! (because my parents said if I got a speeding ticket then I wouldn’t be driving for a long time). Anyway the cop comes up to my car, and he did the typical "Do you know how fast you were going" and here’s my response "Yes, I was going 85, I’m really sorry, but my grandmother is in the hospital and I have to hurry!" (I was really hoping he wouldn’t say what he said) then he said "Okay, I’ll take you to the hospital" so I’m following this police car going like 85 mlles an hour and he takes me to the nearest hospital. I park and get out and start to kinda jog to the door. Then (this is the part where I was like "FUUCK!") he gets out and comes in with me to see my grandmother (who actually isn’t in the hospital). So I think really quickly and I’m like… Hm…. what disease can my grandmother have that would make it so she wouldn’t remember me. Alzhiemers! So I go up to the front desk and I’m like "Where are the Alzhiemers patients? (trying to sound in a rush) so the lady tells me and I start jogging towards the elevator and I head up to where the alzhiemers patients are. I run into some random room and I’m like "Grandma!" and she’s like "Who are you?" and I try to start fake crying and I’m like "Her memory is almost gone…" and then the cop leaves, I leave, and get home without a ticket. Like I said… I’m probably going to hell.