19 Minor, Everyday Victories That Are Way Enjoyable

December 7, 2011 | 6 Comments » | Topics: List



Whenever I’m waiting for the bus and it stops so that the door is right in front of me.

Getting that popcorn kernel unstuck from in between my gum and tooth.

Go to public bathroom and it’s empty!

When I’m approaching a red light and don’t have to brake before it turns green again.

Being able to carry everything in from the car in one trip, no matter how much stuff

Waking up like 30 seconds before the alarm and shutting it off before it goes off. FCUK YOU ALARM

Getting that elusive front parking space at a mall, grocery store, etc.

Correct change when I buy something.

When there isn’t a random-ass sock left over when I finish laundry!

When something is exactly where I left it two weeks ago when I need it again!

Pressing the elevator button and having it open right there like it was waiting for me

Parallel parking in one swoop, without adjusting. Did this twice today, directly in front of my apartment.

Slipping through a closing door without pushing it open any further, with all the agility of a thousand ninjas.

Getting an eyelash out of my eye.

Taking a huge crap and having it come out as one single, gigantic log, Especially when your first wipe is clean.

When you click the wrong link by mistake, and you manage to click the right one before the page loads.

I absolutely love the feeling when you think you don’t have money on your debit card, but you do.

Popping a zit easily and completely

That feeling you get then you successfully throw a wadded up piece of paper in the trash from a long distance.