Leon: The Professional in its entirety because it is one of the greatest movies ever made and your life will become exponentially better having watched it

December 14, 2011 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Movies

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I have long thought that owning films on DVD or video is a waste of money – you watch them once and after that they are left to fester at the back of a cupboard. Occasionally I make an exception – some films simply cannot be fully appreciated on just one viewing. Every time I watch Leon is as gripping and enjoyable as the first. Sad, funny, violent, incredibly touching – few films manage to tick all the boxes and even fewer are about hitmen. On IMDb’s list of top 250 movies Leon is currently number 47, and my number one. There may be movies produced with a bigger budget, more special effects, and ‘big named’ actors (read overpriced scientologists) but Luc Besson created his muse and my passion with this movie. This movie has so many levels to it any description doesn’t do it justice. The juxtapositions of what assassins should be concerned with, what little girls should be protected from, what evil men do to create chaos in this world, . . . Too many well-thought out interactions between characters to do the film justice with descriptive words. If you do not experience vile anger, compassion for killers, heart-felt paternal wishes to whisk this child from adult evil or the need to cheer ruthless revenge without guilt, then you are simply not human. The depth and presentation of these characters by excellent, superb acting is only overshadowed by the writing of this masterpiece. Turn off the X-box, click off Facebook and just relish in the next 2 uninterrupted hours of movie making at its best.


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