Restoring your faith in Vampire movies: Let The Right One In

December 27, 2011 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Movies

let the right one in

If you perception of vampire movies has been marred by the Twilight series, let this movie be your cartharsis from the glittering vampire series. At the surface, the movie is a coming of age story of a bullied boy, who befriends a age old vampire trapped in a little girl’s body. At the core, Let The Right One In is artistic, poetic, and in many ways a very profound movie exploring the nature of good and evil. It does so through the world of a child where both pure evil and pure goodness are somewhat discernible, and it achieves an astounding array of contrasts that allow us to see that good and evil can coexist side by side. The pace of Let the Right is slow, without many exaggerations. Yet, the audience can feel the profound impact of the film within, an impact that totally transcends cheap sensory stimuli, while exerting a quiet yet POWERFUL “shake” upon people’s soul.

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