Picking Up A Girl On A Plane Like A BOSS

January 6, 2012 | 6 Comments » | Topics: Dating

airplane hookup


At the Terminal, a bit of Eye Contact

I decided to visit my friend in L.A. for five days over new years. We’re planning to chill out and work on some music. I’m at the airport terminal. I arrive about an hour early. I’m sitting there working on my laptop. This girl walks over and sits in one of the seat across from me. Really hot. Young, like 22. Redhead with blue eyes. Legwarmers over her skinny jeans. Right as she’s sitting down, I catch a look from her.

I consider talking to her. But there’s nowhere to sit near her. And I’m like fcuk it, I didn’t even really do my hair or even put much effort into my clothes. This trip was just to chill out.

They finally start calling our flight. I get into the line behind a different not-so-cute chick. I ask her if they called my zone, number 3. I make some joke about being in the twilight zone. She laughs. I look around and I notice that the hot girl from earlier is looking at us.

We start getting on the plane. Cute 22 year old redhead is a few people in front of me walking through the dock.

On the Plane, the Conversation Starts

On the plane I get to my seat. The gods are smiling down upon me. It turns out the hot young redhead is sitting next to me. I’m in the window seat. She’s in the middle. There’s this asian dude on her left with headphones on looking at photos on his camera.

As I sit down I tell her, “I’m gonna be your neighbor for the flight.” I make some joke about pushing my head aside if she needs to look out the window. She says something else about the rain.

Then I realize I forgot my headphones in my bag which is stowed away. God dammit. Oh well, I’m not gonna get up now. I’m stuck with no music. I turn to the girl and say, “God damn, I forgot my headphones in my bag. Guess this is gonna be a boring flight.”

She’s looking at her kindle and I ask her what book she’s reading. We talk about books a bit. The flight attendant comes by and tells her to shut off her kindle. She gets all flustered. I say, “Oh man, you are so busted.” She laughs.

As the plane takes off we start to talk. We start to get more personal. She tells me her boyfriend of one year just dumped her a few weeks ago. I ask a few questions but then change the subject. We keep talking and talking.

About a half hour later she asks what my name is.

The Conversation Gets Sexual

I’m not as sexual with this girl as I usually am with most girls I start talking to. I’m making friendly conversation, telling some stories, but I’m not really trying much. I actually don’t give a shiet at first whether we’re gonna be friends or something else.

But then I start testing the waters because this girl is really, really cute. I’m throwing out some flirty comments here and there.

Eventually, I go into the questions game. I swear to god, I think that’s the best escalation move ever. It’s even better than physical escalation because it revs up her imagination.

I start with non-sexual questions. What would you be if you knew you couldn’t fail? Boring stuff.

Then it gets more sexual.

I ask her about her first kiss. Then the craziest place she ever had sex. We’re exchanging sexual stories.

I let my hand drop on the seat in between us so that it’s touching her outer thigh.

She asks me what my sexual fantasy is. I tell her we’re at a beach party with a bonfire, on a comfy chair under some blankets. We’re fooling around but she can’t make a noise because everyone will know. So she has to be quiet and look normal while I start to fcuk her under the blanket. I can tell this is turning her on.

The dude next to her is asleep with his headphones on.

Eventually, I ask her how good a kisser she is. She says a 9. And then changes it to an 8.

Huh, I say.

Then I ask, “Does this bother you?” as I put my hand on her knee. (This sequence is a Brad P move)

She says no.

I say, “What about this?” and slowly scrape my nails on the inside of her jeans closer to her crotch.

She says no.

Making Out Starts

There is so much sexual energy, it’s insane. I’m so turned on, and so is she. It’s time to make the move.

I turn and move my head closer to hers. She moves her head toward me. We start making out. We’re all over each other. We stop every once in a while to see if anyone is looking, but then start making out again.

Her coat is covering her lap. I’m playing Russian hands and Roman fingers under her coat. She’s getting turned on like crazy. Soon my hands are in her pants and I’m fingering her. She’s lets out a muted moan every time I stick my finger deeper inside her.

Finally we talk about going to the bathroom to fcuk. We decide to go check out the situation. We wake up the asian guy and he gets up to let us out into the aisle. We probably look guilty as hell. I couldn’t care less, I am so turned on right now.

But there’s no way we’re gonna get into the bathroom together. There’s stewardesses right by the doors and they make the next person in line wait four rows back before the bathroom is free.

Time to Reel it Back In

We each use the restroom separately and go back to our seats. At this point, there’s two hours left in our four hour flight. I have to put the brakes on. What are we gonna do, tease each other for the rest of the flight? Fcuk on the seats? Not gonna happen.

I playfully tell her she needs to calm down and get control of herself. This doesn’t stop us from fooling around some more. But eventually I grow tired of this. There’s only so much you can do without fcuking.

So we end up playing scrabble on her Kindle fire for the rest of the flight. It’s pretty chill. I make up a rule that we need to come up with a dirty sentence for each scrabble word we spell. I’m talking dirty to her the whole time, spelling words like, ‘beg’ and saying, “I’m gonna make you beg like the naughty girl you are.”

The plane eventually touches down. Both of us are tired and drained. Not a whole lot to say but we talk here and there as we walk through the terminal together. I tell her we should meet up while I’m in town. She says let’s hang out on Thursday. We exchange numbers. I leave her at the baggage claim and take off to meet up with my friend who is picking me up.