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This Picture Is Hard To Look At: Friendzone Level 99

January 8, 2012 | 1 Comment » | Topics: PIC

friendzone level 99


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  • Politrix

    Bro, I’ve been following your site for about two years now and I’ve seen your posts go through various stages. Your recent fixation with the friendzone seems to me to be in excess of it’s general societal significance. This coupled with your proclivity for posts that focus on picking up women leads me to think that it’s because you are either being friendzoned yourself, or you think that this is a wide-spread phenomenon. In either case it seems mis-guided. If you are being friendzoned, that sucks, but honestly if a woman is your friend when what you really want is to be her lover, then you need to have the balls to say, ok that’s not working, move on. I feel what you are presently doing is stereotyping both yourself and your sites followers as being weak, women dependent men. While happiness may happen to occur while with a good woman, a woman should never be the central focus of your life. This is a Caveman Circus, not a sweat-lodge retreat. More fun guy shiet, less emo women shiet. Please.