There Was A Time When Wrestling Used To Be Awesome, A Few Awesome Clips To Help You Reminisce

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I’m going to be honest, I don’t watch wrestling anymore and maybe that’s because I’m used to the good old days of wrestling…the days when NWO, DX and ECW used to fcuk up your head with awesomeness and not this new crop of wrestling I like to term the Diet Coke of Wrestling. As much as I would like to bash the hell out of the current state of wrestling, lets bask in the golden memories of the good ol’ days with a few clips. If you feel a certain clip should be included below, feel free to add a link in the comment section and we will promptly add it to our collection.

The ECW Chair Incident

Hulk Hogan joins NWO (Bash at beach 1996)

DX Mock Nation Of Domination

Benoit breaks Sabu’s Neck

Goldberg spears ringpost, knocks himself out

Triple H Pedigree Gone Wrong

Rick Rude Insults Audience

Sid Vicious Vs Jobber, Marc “Johnny B Badd” Mero

Repo Man

Big Van Vader vs 2 Guys

Bob Backlund – Wins World Wrestling Title

Legion of Doom vs. Demolition

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  • Bodog

    wrestling sucks now!no creativity!shoe me the new scotty 2 hotty’s,booker t’s,goldust’s,ravishing rick rude’s doink the clowns’s and it will go back to the glory days!

    • Bentleyone

      Original Road Warriors were the bomb growing up and bad ass to boot

  • Freakyfreshchef69

    Undertakers vs Mankind KOTR 1998 (Foley’s Epic Fall)

  • Freakyfreshchef69

    Hulk Hogan Slams Andre The Giant (Wrestlemania 3)

  • My favorite was when Papa Shongo (sp?) went at it with the Ultimate Warrior. UW was throwing up black stuff and all of the lights went out.. I will never forget that as a little kid!

  • Warrior / Shango was nice, but my favorite as a kid, was Macho Man / Jake the Snake when the cobra named Damian, bit Macho on the arm and how it stood guarding Jake when he was in the ring corner, the chaos was awesome. babies crying, woman screaming, men in shock. Priceless moment.

    • Brandon Williams

      the cobra wasnt named Damien, that was his Python.

      • Trey Doss

        his name was damien because it was apart of jakes finisher the ddt damiens dinner time

  • Ex-Wrestling Junkie79

    Anytime the Ultimate Warrior set it off with his fiery entrances, kids all over the world got hyped. But this one entrance is one for the ages . . .

  • Randy Weible

    Man…what about guys like Jimmy Superfly Snuka and his epic battles with Rowdy Roddy Piper in Pipers Pit….or Bob Backlund and the Iron Sheik….Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas, Big John Stud, Paul Orndorf Mr. Wonderful, Kerry Von Erik, The Rockers, Rick Martel and Tony Guerrea, Tito Santana, and everyone’s favorite International Champ Don Murracco.

    • GeminiJazz

      Don’t forget Chief Jay Strong Bow & Billy White Wolf

  • hbk
    rob van dam (ecw)
    bret hart
    razor ramon
    macho man
    rick rude
    mr perfect
    old undertaker
    stone cold
    owen hart
    hart foundation
    million dollar man
    harlem heat
    pyshco sid
    hulk hogan (shietty wrestler though)
    the rock
    ric flair
    4 horsemen
    rowdy piper
    the giant
    the warrior
    just to name a few greats

    • GeminiJazz

      Chief Jay Strong Bow & Billy White Wolf

  • Brian L

    Sting coming from the draftees with his bat. And the invasion of WCW

  • rotimi

    yeah sting, macho man, hulk hogan,undertaker,rick flair,von errick brothers, tito satana,mankind,british bull dog,mighty igor, mascara nd the ultimate show man himself- shawn micheal

  • WCWPunk

    The stars in the universe aligned themselves to put everything in the right place. Everything about pro wrestling back then was purely amazing. The current state of WWE right now is playing catch up and is still struggling, only because wrestling was alot more popular back then than it is now. I wonder why it’s not as popular right now. Hold on, I gotta sneeze “CENA!” Excuse me, sorry. LOL

  • Steven Buchanan

    i was born in 89 so i started watching wrestling in the late 90’s but i will never for get dx/ all thier stunts joining with kane new age outlaws hollywood hulk hogan barely…. divas like lita chyna and trish stratus jazz and ….ecw being from boston RVD….. and kurt Angle the eurocontinental champ( Edge and christian the hardys and team 3d also the holly family APA Test and Albert ) Chris benoit even though what he did was horriable great wrestler the hart dynasty i could keep going that was the greatest era ever

    • dumbasses

      Dude, learn to use frigging coma’s our you’re going to make people run out of breath just reading you’re shiet.

      • Steven Buchanan

        I got up the Galaxy 4Gs .I talk to my phoneI’m not going to argue with some loser if you don’t like it don’t read it your proabley a kid any way

        • katphishjohn .

          He is a loser and a kid because he asked you to use punctuation? You are proabley right though he is proabley a kid lol.

          • Steven Buchanan

            Ya I know just stating my thoughts lol thanks bro

  • Jay jay

    Ohh yeaahh. Tna is on Viagra. Now you’re gonna get it. Oohhh yeaahh.

  • Pax Humana

    Steve Ortega’s level of stupidity is OVER 9,000!

  • JJ♛

    In recent years with WWE, it has a lot to do with the lack of depth being provided from the WWE creative team, and always needing to play it safe in order to avoid being sued by PTC. Hence the PG Era.

    Compare John Cena when he debuted and even after Edge left, to the Cena now. He wasn’t the best or most respected WWE star then, but you can tell a huge difference in his promos. People say that he should go back to his “Thuganomics” days, and this is usually why they want that to happen.

    Pretty ridiculous, considering PTC complains about everything on television. They would complain about a woman sucking a straw from a cup of soda on television, saying that it’s inappropriate for kids.

    Now for the creative team….they just need better writers. That’s pretty simple.

  • FrenchKiss♥{Akaylaa}

    Gosh. I’ve never seen men complain so much like I see above in the FB part of the commenting section. -_-

  • GeminiJazz

    The Wrestlers now talk too damn much it’s like a wrestling soap opera.


    Those d bags blocked most of the videos…

  • dfdf
  • izznadoll07