For All The Aspiring Casanovas Out There, A Crap Load Of Tips To Help The Seduction Process As Easy As Possible

February 20, 2012 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Dating

seduction tips







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  • Briguy

    You have this post listed as a way to pick up and lay women, but theses tips a likewise good advice to leading a healthy, fun, stress-free, and classy lifestyle.

  • Adonis

    this is a gf list not a pick up women list. only things necessary are the water and condoms close to bed. Extra gym shorts? hair dryer? 4 pillows and fluffy towels? gmafb. u bang, then next day she leaves. that’s it.

  • dr.Suess

    Some items are good, like having a minimal bar to make some cocktails or nice drinks, cleaning your place, appropriate light, etc. But the rest spells one thing: NEEDY. It reminds me of a young and sexfree period in my life. You try too much, different sorts of condoms? In the absolute rare condition you hook up a girl with latex-allergies, you can 69 and go to the pharmacy the day after. A lighter when you don’t smoke…Neeedyyy. And this is not a unique idea, every frustrated guy runs around with a lighter, so he can whip it out to show his neediness… so join the herd.
    The only thing you need is stuff you like for yourself (a nice bed for example), or for your friends (the bar, snacks, …) and… CONFIDENCE.
    And the above list show just one thing: inconfidence. Due to your insecurity, you try to control everything. And when an unforseen issue appears, you block. This is very autistic and unmanly and thus unsexy. Be confident, the world is your living-room, be adaptive.