Attention All Simpsons Fans! This Is Your Time To Shine… What Is Your Favorite Simpsons Clip???

February 26, 2012 | 7 Comments » | Topics: Submits

the simpsons

This post goes out to all the dedicated Simpsons fans out there who know how funny football in the groin is, who know who Hans Mole Man was, who know what Jub Jub is and to all those who have a fierce dedication to all things Ralph Wiggum. I’m starting an awesome compilation of the funniest of funny Simpsons’ clips out there and I need your help. I’ll start it off with a few clips and if you want to add your clip, post it in the comment section and it will show up in the comments because my commenting system is a BOSS.

Lie Detector

Man Getting Hit By Football

Undivided Attention

Ralph Wiggum Fails English