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Arms Are NOT Suppose To Bend That Way: Ronda Rousey Obliterates Meisha Tate’s Arm

March 4, 2012 | No Comments » | Topics: Sports

If you missed last night Strikeforce event, you missed two stomach churning arm bars that Ronda Rousey applied to former bantamweight champion Meisha Tate’s poor poor arm. Rousey puts Tate in the first armbar and looks like she dislocates her arm but somehow Tate gets free. Later in the round Rousey secures another armbar which totally destroys whatever arm she had left. Props to Meisha Tate for toughing it through on both occasions. Any normal human being with any respect for fully functioning limbs would have tapped out with relative ease. I’m pretty sure this video will be taken down at any moment, so I also posted the gifs below as a backup.

tate rousey

tate rousey

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