The Problem With Nice Guys According To A Female

March 5, 2012 | 11 Comments » | Topics: Dating


“Nice Guys” love to complain about the fact that girls never like them. “Blah blah blah, woe is me, I treat her flawlessly, but she still likes that asshole.” We’re inclined to feel bad for them. They really are so sweet, and they say the right things, and they are always there for us. They are the ones who help us carry things, shovel our cars out of the snow, and bring us soup when we are sick. They plan out the perfect dates, they buy us the best and most thoughtful gifts, and they aren’t afraid to tell us how they really feel. They seem to do everything right…but we still don’t want them. It seems stupid. Is something wrong with us? No, absolutely not. There is a reason, and I hope, after having put it in these terms for them, nice guys will finally understand the error of their ways.

Everyone knows that no guy wants some old washed up whore. Sure they want us to be able to swallow their dicks whole and spit it back out without getting our teeth in the way or gasping for air. They want us to be able to ride them, gargle their balls, and scream their name all at the same time. They want us to be sexual fcuking sorcerers, and I’m sure plenty of them complain about girlfriends who aren’t willing to do crazy shiet, or who refuse to give blow jobs without expecting him to buy her a unicorn in return. They want us to be the best lay they’ve ever had. But they don’t want us to do those things with anyone else but them. It’s not very logical. Clearly the girls who are the most experienced are going to be the best in bed, but the reasons a guy doesn’t want a slut for more than a night or so makes sense. People like to say it’s because she’s dirty. I don’t think that’s really why. I’m sure sluts shower. They’re probably the girls who are fastest to jump on the idea of lasering their poons so they are always silky smooth, and if guys were really so concerned about catching shiet, they’d opt for protection more willingly. A vagina is a vagina and if it’s attached to a hot girl, they don’t really care. The reason guys don’t want sluts is because they are easy to obtain. If you’re giving yourself out to everyone, there is no challenge. They want a challenge. Someone they need to chase after. It’s no accomplishment to get someone anyone could have.

This is where it gets interesting…or at the very least, relevant.

Nice guys…are like sluts. Emotional sluts. Think about it. What do guys want? Sex. And a girl who gives out sex left-and-right is a slut. What do girls want? Love. So a guy, who gives out loveleft-and-right…is a SLUT. 

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  • nice article

    whoever wrote this is a slut 😀 😀 😀

  • Gafstr

    This is the most illogical shiet i’ve ever heard.. so convoluted and backwards.
    Now let me tell you why girls REALLY don’t like “nice guys”

    It’s because women like whatever there not getting. If she’s with a nice guy then he’s going to be a planner, he thinks about you and considers what you might like, he does thing to make you happy because that makes him happy, but soon you’re going to get fed up of his predictable ways and like the cunnt you are you’ll hunger for some bad boy cock also known as “fun” & “excitement”. So you go off and get with a bad boy all the while knowing what he’s like, but because women like a challenge just as much as men do.. you think you can change him into a gent. Now this is the fork in the road, 1 of two things happen here – either you turn him into they guy you think you want and then break up with him because he’s now “too nice” for you, OR you find him fcuking your best friend and begin your campaign of hate on Facebook and Twitter posting all sorts of shiet about how men suck! and how it’s impossible to find a “nice guy”. The truth is, is you’re young and you have options and while ever you have options you’ll swing from dick to dick until your ass gets all wrinkly and no one wants you anymore, thats when you’ll decide this is as good as it’s going to get for you and settle down, have kids and be a impossibly selfish biatch to the poor sucker you tricked into believing you actually loved him.

    • Nofcukstogive

      Someone has been friendzoned numerous times.

      • Bearded MGTOW v1

        You’re doing nothing but proving his point, mate.

  • “A vagina is a vagina” — true. Very true. Also true: “A vagina in need is a vagina indeed.”

  • EMC

    Women like assholes because there are no surprises, we already know what we’re getting and don’t have to worry about that “nice guy” actually turning out to be a jerk.

    • Bearded MGTOW v1

      Lmao. Possibly the biggest load of illogical Bs I’ve ever heard.

    • Bearded MGTOW v1

      So why would you have a problem with him turning out to be a jerk, if you’re already into dating jerks?

  • Chris2224

    Girls want sex too and it’s too easy for them to get it. They just offer it up, why else can girls make a living as a prostitute? A lot of guys take advantage of the whores until they decide to settle down, then they want the “nice girl” to show the parents.

    The “nice guy” wants sex AND love. The “nice guy” is a romantic and finding out on down the road that the girl he’s courted and fallen in love with has a history of spreading her legs for others is justified in labeling you a slut. Especially when you knowingly obscure his perception of you by saying things like “I want to wait till I’m married” or “What kind of girl do you think I am?”. Usually he hears that because you finally see that you’ve matched the numbers of a girl you labeled a slut in times past and now it’s time to slow down and fudge your total number. You then discount certain times because you were too drunk to really consent or because it wasn’t that good. Then you give the “nice guy” a fraction of your true number and you cross your fingers he never finds out.

    The real question is “Where are all the good girls?”

  • Nofcukstogive

    Makes perfect sense to me. Excessive availability = Signs of desperation = Turnoff. 

  • Travis


    I want a stable relationship.

    Whoever wrote this, grow the fcuk up. I literally lost brain cells from reading this garbage.