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March 8, 2012 | No Comments » | Topics: Story, WTF

wtf duck story

I grew up on a farm we had over 300 animals chickens turkeys. geese rabbits, goats, sheep…and ducks. This story is about ducks. We had 15 ducks. 14 were big black ones, Cayuga, I think, and one blonde duck. whom I called Rocky. Rocky was always bullied by the other ducks (they were all male) they would sometimes ”jump on top of him" and "beat him up". My parents hadn’t ever talked about the birds and bees with me. I didn’t understand that some male animals will mount another for dominance it just looked like they were beating Rocky up. They would make him eat food last, sometimes I would chase them away and let Rocky eat, he was much smaller than the others. I was raised on a lot of comic books and shiet, I always root for the underdog. defender of the weak, like Batman. Did I mention I was about 9 or 10? So one day I get fed up with how bad the other ducks treat Rocky for no reason. One night my parents went to bed early. I put on my ninja outfit. I snuck out quietly. And with these same hands I tell this story, I held down all 14 of those bully ducks in the dark making sure Rocky "beat up" every one, he even got some of them twice.
I forgot about it, as I told no one, until a decade later, when I knew about prison rape and what not. Oh my god. I thought. I was an accomplice to DUCK ANAL RAPE.

That’s not the best part.

They NEVER fcuked with Rocky again. He was the alpha duck, he ate first, he led the line they walked in. he quacks, they shaddup. I just acted like a mild-mannered farrnboy, I knew of no ninja vigilante. I really felt good after that. knowing I had made a small difference in a ducks life. Years later I would stay awake in horror at the ramifications of what my alter-ego had done.