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March 23, 2012 | 3 Comments » | Topics: No Fap

high five

The comment of the week comes from Ugcelite, who addresses the controversy surronding me posting pictures of hot chicks and at the same time being an advocate of the no-fap movement.

I could not agree with your post more. I gave up jerking off almost two years ago and my life could not have turned any better. I’ve never had a problem getting laid, but I certainly never lived up to my potential when it came to getting women. After I gave up jerking off I started living up to that potential. If I want to get off, I HAVE to talk to a woman and I am certainly not talking to woman that doesn’t make me stand to attention. Is my success rate 100%? Hell no. I get rejected all the time. Since giving up jerking off I do not care about being rejected. Since I stopped I have a sense of power that I have never felt. I started jerking off at 12 years old, stopped at 25. I was in a job for almost six years in the same position, content, pathetic; I ended up being laid off. I quit jerking off shortly after this point. All of sudden I was inspired, I found what I was destined, driven, to do and I went out and fcuking did it. I was promoted within eight months of starting my position. My life could not be better.

P.S. You realize how ignorant you other guys sound complaining about the hot girl content on this site, right? Do you keep your eyes down at the beach/pool? No. Do you not look at hot girls in your life? No. I love looking at naked women, that is what I am driven by as a man. If I could see every woman on this planet naked I would do it. This does not mean I have to jerk off to them. Do you jerk off to hot girls in your life? No. You try to fcuk them, unless you are jerking off and you have already convinced yourself you have no shot with them. Sack up. Stop jerking off. Make it so the only way you are getting off is by physical contact with a woman. If you are single you will find your suaveness comes through you when you talk to women, then when you get them in bed you can go multiple times because you are not jerking off. If you are in a relationship, your girlfriend will go absolutely ape shiet for you because you have this vigor you have probably never shown her. You think you like sex now? You have no idea how pleasurable the whole experience is when you are scrubbing away layers of skin on your johnson.