TED Talk On The Adverse Effects Of Watching Too Much Pron

April 18, 2012 | 7 Comments » | Topics: No Fap

I’ve been an advocate of the no-fap movement for a few months now and I can honestly say that not looking at pron and not masturbating to pron has significantly improved the quality of all aspects of my life. I haven’t masturbated for almost two months now and my ambition, my motivation and my focus has increased. I’ve accomplished many goals that I’ve set out to complete. I feel an increase in energy and no longer feel sluggish throughout the day. I feel less anxious and more calm. I’ve been able to stick to my diet and work out regularly. I definitely feel more confident in accomplishing tasks and in social situations. And of course my sex drive is through the roof, as I constantly crave sex from my girlfriend. If I were single, I would be out there every night, honing my game and doing my best to become the next Mystery. 2 months in, I feel brand new, as if I’m 100% fully committed to living life now. My perspective is refreshed, cleared of the haze that pron has instilled over that last decade and a half of my life. I can’t advocate it enough to anyone who wants to improve their life. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, give it a shot and I swear, a few days in and you’ll already start to notice a difference on how you approach life. Happy travels and godspeed!

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  • Bogdanpekic

    saw this myself , posted on the rsd forums … but not everyone wants to move towards more focus because it demands focus hehehe . keep up the good work 

  • anonymous

    I don’t really understand this whole movement? How do you stop yourself from having wet dreams? Personally, doesn’t take me more than two weeks to have that happen.

  • Fabio Fontana

    Yeah and ‘zero’ is the amount of fcuk I give to you not masturbating. Please, stop it.

  • Bogdanpekic

    to anonymous if you come back here , this movement is ancient dude … why do you think tantric litterature ever came to be ? you think it is to come harder ? why do you think the greatest minds in history some of them isaac newton , nikola tesla , einstein etc. claimed their cerebral capacities came from being chaste , not celibate but chaste . that means having sex without coming . why do you think muhammad ali , mike tyson stayed celibate mike tyson for 5 years . do you know that everything you eat gets finally distilled to semen in your body . every noticed how you lose willpower after an ejaculation and how your senses get numbed ? ever seen your eyes after that how cloudy they look , how weak they get ? i could go on , but people today want the magic pill and avoids the truth . go ahead masturbate waste some mental capacity . 

    • Pestimouse

       “do you know that everything you eat gets finally distilled to semen in your body”

      I’m sorry but that is purest BS… everything you eat gets used to run your entire body, semen is a secondary function which is why poor nutrition = poor fertility, 100% of the time. Your body won’t prioritise the joy juice over providing glucose to your brain, and essentials to your blood, heart, lungs, etc.

      But getting back to tantric lit, a big principle of tantra (as a lifestyle) is we have the most power over that which we can do without, so if that’s accurate (seems to be IMO) than it’s a good strategy.

      As for the main post, if it’s working for you go to it and good luck – I don’t think a dependence on porrn as a main part of sex is going to help you have a solid relationship, and I speak as someone who has friends who never meet a girl who measures up to their nightly fap session, and are rapidly become isolated and increasingly addicted to porrn, not real life.

      It’s win/win for the porrn merchants, the more you use their product the more you need it, like ciggies, booze, most street drugs etc. Saying no to stuff from that category never had a bad outcome, and there are usually side gains in being able to walk away from things that are so addictive – the stuff you learn about yourself, and your wn self-respect being the most obvious.

    • roadmouth

      Dude, you have semen on the brain. You just used convicted rapist Mike Tyson as an example in your monologue for not masturbating. Really? Are you that stupid?

  • Nospam

    This really just hit home with me, thinking I might give it a shot, one problem however. I come to your site to bat off over the hot chicks, lol.