TED Talk On The Adverse Effects Of Watching Too Much Pron

April 18, 2012 | 7 Comments » | Topics: No Fap

I’ve been an advocate of the no-fap movement for a few months now and I can honestly say that not looking at pron and not masturbating to pron has significantly improved the quality of all aspects of my life. I haven’t masturbated for almost two months now and my ambition, my motivation and my focus has increased. I’ve accomplished many goals that I’ve set out to complete. I feel an increase in energy and no longer feel sluggish throughout the day. I feel less anxious and more calm. I’ve been able to stick to my diet and work out regularly. I definitely feel more confident in accomplishing tasks and in social situations. And of course my sex drive is through the roof, as I constantly crave sex from my girlfriend. If I were single, I would be out there every night, honing my game and doing my best to become the next Mystery. 2 months in, I feel brand new, as if I’m 100% fully committed to living life now. My perspective is refreshed, cleared of the haze that pron has instilled over that last decade and a half of my life. I can’t advocate it enough to anyone who wants to improve their life. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, give it a shot and I swear, a few days in and you’ll already start to notice a difference on how you approach life. Happy travels and godspeed!