These Reaction GIFs Provides Ample LOLs To Get Your Friday Started Right!

April 20, 2012 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures, GIFs

On Facebook for my birthday.


Waking up for work hungover


When my older sister has her hot friend over….


How I feel arguing with my parents. 



When I wrongly assume I can handle another shot.


Waking up from that realistic sex dream. 


Opening RedTube and closing the Live Jasmin popup before it loads.


When my girlfriend is telling me about her day


When you type a “6 page essay” in single-spaced mode and then press the double-space button 


When someone insults the music I’m listening to


My face when someone sneaks up on me when I’m singing alone

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  • RJ

    hahahahahahaha Really Epic. Do you do this yourself?

  • DanBIllin

    That MJ clip is gold. We’ve all been there. “I aint doin’ nothin’… SHUTUP!”

  • Guest

    🙁 is that cat actually dead? D:

  • ProLurker

     These are the mark of a genius… I nearly died laughing on the first three