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This Is The Male Social Ladder, Where Do You Rank?

April 26, 2012 | 8 Comments » | Topics: Dating

male social rankings chart

male social rankings chart

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  • Johnny

     big crap, sry

  • Thatsnomoon

    Maybe if you’re still in school/college. Otherwise, life doesn’t work that way.

  • ProLurker

    This ranking is pretty accurate. You can easily spot these behavior types all around you (of course, if you observe this from a basic point of view). The Beta+/- behaviors are spot on, even the photos used are the perfect examples of them.
    Solid post.

  • Pestimouse

    Thinking about the people I know here in London, the majority of men with a good relationship and more than one kid are B+ or Omega by this description… I know lots of A+/- but they usually pay a fortune in alimony to the wife they dumped for a younger model when they hit a certain level of success (which is fine, they can afford it) but interestingly they usually either have no kids, or one they don’t see very often – which is a bit of a fail from a Darwinian perspective.

    I know lots of happy, let’s just say non-slim couples who are goths, and/or into gaming or some other sub-cultural pursuit, and have at least 2 kids each, which makes them winners if you really want to take the caveman approach. Good point about the bitter B- hateful vicious circle though…

    (And yeah, I’m LOVING reading men’s insecurities writ large, and all those PUA sites you link to, after a lifetime of hearing women grade themselves by the 3lbs excess they carry, or totally imaginary flaws… it’s good to know you guys suffer too! lol)

    • i agree with you.

      • Pestimouse

         Where do you think link-spammers appear on this scale…?

  • Yeah, I’m an alpha plus. Think I’ll go down to the beach in my suit and vest and smoke pensively.  Later I’ll go to a photoshoot for my male modelling gig and then crash a high school graduation.
    Man I’m a super dude. 

  • alpha

    there are obviously betas and omegas in here