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May 25, 2012 | 2 Comments » | Topics: GIFs

When someone is emotional and I’m the only one around


Whenever I’m Picked First To Do Something


Receiving My First Blowjob


When I find out I have to work Sunday during a 3 day holiday weekend


When a girl starts ranting at how she thinks she’s fat and you try telling her she isn’t


Eating the first Pizza Roll without letting it cool.



When I’m a passenger with a terrible driver.


When I take side-roads on the way to work instead of the congested highway


The First Time My GF And Me Tried Booty-Play


Told My Friends I’m Moving This Weekend… And That I’ve Hired Movers 


When i try to show some funny person to my friend.



Remembering I have a test, then reminding my friend


Whenever I take my clothes off and then look in the mirror.


When I get caught watching pron 


 When I found out a hot girl from my class is in pron.

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