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The Reaction GIFs Have Arrived!

June 8, 2012 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Funny Pictures, GIFs

Whenever someone talks to me while I’m playing videogames


My boyfriend when I got my period after being 5 days late


Every time I take gum out in front of my friends


When my girlfriend says she’s not in the mood but I might be able to persuade her.


Waiting for class to start and the teacher rolls in a TV.


When we have few dollars missing to pay in restaurant after team dinner.


Whenever me and my best friend get into a fight 


2 hours after I eat taco bell


When I tell a hilarious joke but fcuk the punchline up badly


When I learned Jersey Shore was cancelled


When I see my food coming at the restaurant.


When my girlfriend came home after spending 2 months in Asia 


When I go to an event where the booze is entirely paid for by the company


Me at a party


When a girl immediately returns my texts.


The sudden realisation that it wasn’t just a fart


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  • Kamilo

    whats the “Me at a party” gif from?