The Dumping Grounds

June 13, 2012 | 5 Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds

daily dumpage

daily dumpage

daily dumpage

daily dumpage

daily dumpage

daily dumpage

Entire compilation of the best “15-second” videos on the internet. Sit back and enjoy

Florida SWAT try to beat the crap out of ballistic armor

Super Modern Mario Bros

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  • Mmm5245

    Thanks for repackaging all the material from into a less funny delivery for all of us.

    • Rj

      If you don’t like, get the fcuk out

      • CptFancyPants

        Wow, you really told him. The eloquence with which you presented his options was surely enlightening. You should write a book.

    • Smokey

       well technically, the chive put up the youtube montage video way after they had it here.. sooo… yeah. love the chive though, but dumping grounds is nice cuz of the three videos at the end, where DAR is just pics.

  • TheTruth

     MSG and Aspartame are neurotoxins… enjoy lol.