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I want to improve the site and I need your help. I need your feedback on how I can improve the site. What do you guys want to see more of on the site? What don’t you like about the site? What do you like about the site? How can I make the site better? I want to make the site super awesome, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Rndlph_wllm

    Love the site. But sometimes when clicking on a link, the new page does not load competely and it goes into an “endless loop.” Even after several refreshes the new page sometimes will not load.

    • Dickovsky

       You just need to use a new browser.

  • Goot082003

    the only thing I would like for you to add is a work safe setting or section

  • Volcrush

    reaction gifs are great. less anti fap posts. don’t see too many collage of hot chicks as often. overall excellent site just less anti fap posts. still don’t understand how that interferes with picking up girls. 

  • avidreader

    I like the site as it is. i check it daily for extra motivation sometimes. I’ve gotten a lot of my bros to read it check it daily too. It could use a better web host I guess, I’ve switched to chrome just so I can view this site. Also sometimes when viewing the babe of the day I’m not sure if all the pictures have loaded because there would be icons but no link to them. But overall keep it going, it gives me interesting things to think about.

  • Evo

    how bout you add a “random” button that links to random dumping grounds, chick galleries, or any past posts?

    • litwit

      I think this is a good idea. Sometimes I want to sift through past stuff, but I don’t know where to begin and I’m too lazy to go looking for it on my own.

  • Dead_cell

    The only problem is reading stupid PUA stuff. Less of that manipulative loser bullshiet. 

  • Frankie

    I find it pretty awesome, but you should keep the flow of dumping grounds steady and not just every other day.

  • Frankie

    Also, if we want to email you for other stuff, where do we send the email to? [email protected] or (thewebsite) I’m confused.

  • :)

    reaction gifs are hilarious! love them! .. personally i like the pua stuff / anti-fap def believe in both of those.. only say i would say more frequent posts, but not sacrificing quality.. i like the quality of the website compared to others 

  • Good site, keep it up

    How about less anti-fap/forever-alone garbage? The girls, Dumping Grounds, and funny pictures/gifs/videos are all good. But less of the pu**y-footing around. Keep posting the good MANLY stuff. 

  • CavemanCircus is A+

    Keep the site clean and not too busy with gobs of pictures, gifs, and ads in the side bar. The more straightforward and plain the better. It also leads faster and seems less cluttered. 

  • Jimmy Worker

    I really like the friday gifs, motivation posts and the dumping grounds. I also like the fact that there´s a lot of stuff posted daily. Some of the dating stuff I like, but some of it feels like clutter or spam, more specifically the ones that have a link to visit some pickup artist´s site.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Tony

    How about an app? I would pay a buck for a good app

  • RyanHill

    You should probably stop reposting stuff from reddit 

    • Ed

      You can get lost in reddit. Caveman filters out the good stuff and puts it here. 😉

  • Kyhurie

    am an avid follower =) of ur site.. everyday i check for updates =). . i would like for you to at least name the girls on your dumping grounds segment.. some of them are gorgeous and would like to search more of their pics a name would be great =) or at least a link where you got them pictures =)

  • Poltpot

    i don’t mind the ads, but I honest to god hate the ads that has speak. Is there any thing you could do about them. 

  • Ian

    There should be an app

  • junny

    its all really good, love the motivational/inspirational stuff, maybe a little more consistency with when you post stuff (ex. have the dump grounds everyday around 4 or something like that), as opposed to a lot of other stuff, this one is a lot more rounded so keep it up

  • Lambm

    the “dumping grounds” forum is legit. Your’e website is my portal to un-reality and i love to go on an escape. The only suggestion I have is to start a whole new website with similar stuff but with more videos. Grow your entire market! 

  • electroparrot

    stop stealing stuff from the chive, keep the site original, also get rid of the god damn ads that have sound and the one that pops up on the bottom, more gifs!!! otherwise good job, this site is a goldmine of laughs when you are not posting dating advice or crap like that. I agree, if we wanted dating advice we would go to specific sites for that, I personally come here on a daily basis to get a laugh after a shietty day at work.

    • Dickovsky

       Are you shietting me?  TheChive is nothing but stuff stolen from other sites.  Every site steals from each other.  Are you new to these type of sites? 

      • electroparrot

        oh I forgot to suggest a filter for scumbag steve.

  • Jimmymac84

    i know you have to get paid, but all the ad banners and videos that automatically start playing are annoying. my favorite posts are the reaction gifs. best of category.

  • Evo4g

     maybe a mobile version of this app so the people that go to this website at work don’t have to wait forever for everything to load

  • Torresjr Clarence

    This site is badass! I wouldn’t change nothing. I like the fact you show alot more videos, girls, movies, and music. And so what if some of the pics are from The Chive and Reddit. These are websites and the pics are out there.

  • DosaBG

    I like the girls galleries and Motivational section the most. The site is awesome. Keep the good work. Regards.

  • Chri2

    Love the site mate just keep it coming 🙂

  • ¿The best? The Dumping Grounds and the “motivation posts”.

  • Qonqa

    Great site, im here every day! Agree on less anti fap stuff. Im not really missing anything tho! just keep it up;) Cheers from Sweden!

  • marcus fenix

    I love the dumping grounds section, definitely my favourite part of the site.
    in general this is a daily ritual to go on to your site so thank you for the good work and keep it up

  • Ed

    Perhaps add a new category for awesome man gear like the site Uncrate. Dumping grounds is my favorite. Should post more movies. I like that you support boxing and MMA.

  • GunzOfNavarone

    The only thing I would suggest is how about some funny videos? Or the odd joke? Also, a clearer menu bar at the top of the page where you can reach funny gifs, pic dumps, girls, jokes, vids etc… Maybe also some topics to get people talking or something and some way of leaving comments without having to click to enter a gallery to leave a comment at bottom, maybe under each pic. You could also include a rating score for pics of women maybe? 

    Other than that the site is pretty cool. The material is spot on. As for ‘copying things’ from other sites. All the sites do it. It’s about the delivery of material for me. 

    • GunzOfNavarone

      thing / things**

  • HappyCavegirl

    I’m a Girl and I love reading this site when i’, at work. Love the gifs and all the funny caption pictures, maybe you could put a little section of cavegirl circus? so there is plenty of meat for us girls to look at too?

  • Uiea

    Dont post food pics.
    Dont focus only on America.
    Categorize girls.
    Categorize elements of dumping grounds.
    More gaming related things…
    Keep up your great work. I visit this site everyday.

  • Justincomstock13

    No audio ads, more motivation……other than that, awesome job!!!

  • Justheguynxdoor

    get rid of ads with sound
    mobile version of the site
    a faster way to click through pictures

  • Jsta

    your site is awesome i check it like 4 times a day. i love the promos of hot girls but i hate that its a thumbnail gallery. you should post their pictures like you post the dumping grounds, just one pic after another so i dont have to click on each thumbnail to get to the fullsize picture.

  • Luis Mario Carvajal Asenjo

    The motivation and dumping grounds post are the best, don´t forget about the reaction gifs,  other than that the site is just awesome. If you want to make the site more awesome have you think of a new design? 

  • Sdcooper9

    I love the site but some of the “Hot Girls” while they are attractive the pictures included are lame. I liked it better when you had random collections of babes, not just pickups from a model’s twitter account. Also more fresh material,the dumping grounds should be expanded!

  • Harold

    less motivation- and more fails, LOLs and porrn stars.

  • Uiea

    A new design!!!

  • Guest

    Mobile site can be more mobile friendly.  

  • Johnluke576

    I want more dump and motivation. how bout more gifs too?

  • The Mouser

    I like the site as it is, don’t even mind the USA focus because you’re American, I’d expect a French focus if you were French etc, and everyone moaning about the audio ads, just get the Flashblock add on for Firefox, it really works – I feel bad saying that because I appreciate you (Caveman) deserve to make money where possible, not sure annoying people is going to do that though!

    But appreciate the work you put in, and thanks for making a website that often makes me laugh, or occasionally provokes a bit of an insight with the motivational stuff…

  • Pal-tam

    If it aint broke….

  • I really would love to have more of those Music posts and documentary posts too

  • The Mouser

    How about random weekly polls… I was reading a story on BBC News that girls are afraid to take up sport seriously because they think they’ll look fat or unfeminine, and be unattractive, the day you posted a very athletic & muscular woman’s pic… things like that, also maybe lighter-hearted stuff, breakfast choices, etc?

    You could maybe have a weekly Sunday poll based on one of the topics or photos you posted earlier in the week. I’ll usually click a poll even though in the bigger scheme of things they’re totally meaningless, seeing the results from fellow site users is usually fun!

  • You’re site is already as awesome as it is! I’ve been an daily visitor for 2 years or so! How about melding the old interface to the new one? The one where you find all the categories on the first page? Much love and respect from the Philippines!!!

  • Dar22nge4

    The motivational things are great, reaction gifs are hilarious and your taste in woman are impeccable… Good job bro, keep up the good work!

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    Glad the little girl is safe. Especially, see deeter131’s comment.

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