Documentary You Should Watch Of The Day: Jiro Dream Of Sushi

July 11, 2012 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Movies

You might be wondering why I’m posting a documentary about a sushi chef and your concern is a valid point of contention, as I was wondering why I was even watching a documentary about a sushi chef in the first place. 10 minutes in, I knew exactly why I would spend the next hour and a half totally immersed in the world of Jiro Ono, arguably the world’s greatest sushi chef. Yes, you read right, THE greatest sushi chef in the world. This documentary is about more than sushi. At the core, its about being a master craftsmen. It is about the passion, the hard work, the meticulous attention to detail and it is about the patience required to attain the level of ‘Shokunin’. This documentary will inspire you to not settle with being great, but rather to be the greatest. Enjoy!