Reaction GIFs To Start Friday In The Right Direction

August 10, 2012 | 1 Comment » | Topics: GIFs

When my parents tell me they looked through my internet history at the diner table


After much time had passed and realizing that girl was totally trying to flirt with me.


When I’m about to fall asleep 


When you don’t understand a joke but your friends do


When I finally got my crush’s phone number


When I get to the top of a roller coaster 


When I’m in a single-toilet restroom and I hear someone try the door, putting all my faith in the lock


When my slow work computer freezes after important unsaved progress 


After i heard that justin beiber called himself the kurt kobain of this generation


When my cat won’t leave the room during ‘private time’


After getting laid for the first time in months 


When I spot Super Smash Bros being played at a party 


“Don’t move, there’s a wasp on you!” 


“Hey man, you wanna get some Chipot…” 


Whenever I tell a joke, waiting for someone to get it


When a family’s baby doesn’t cry in a restaurant