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August 27, 2012 | 22 Comments » | Topics: main


Just got an email from an angry visitor of the site who berated me for still using ads with audio on it. Although I took off all audio ads a while back, I can’t seem to reproduce any of them on my side. Are you guys still getting those annoying audio ads???? And if so, where is the location of the ad? Please let me know, I want to eliminate this crap once and for all.

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  • uhm, i don’t see any audio ads. I use adblock and notscript extensions on chrome, so i don’t know if that’s why.

    • volcrush

      yeah same. haven’t seen an ad in yrs

  • Anthony

    Home page has a Hyundai audio ad. This coment page has an Orbitz video ad with automatic audio. I don’t much mind the ads but thought I’d honor your request for feedback, because I love the site. Thanks. – Anthony

  • Havoc Control

    the ford header ad has audio on it

  • sws4420

    Been coming here quite awhile and I’ve never gotten any audio ads.

    • Rj

      same here

  • Dave B

    every page i go to i get the annoying audio ads

    • daveb

      means its in the header

  • Carter

    Homepage for me just now had an audio ad just below the fit girls post – to the left of the cavemancircus facebook facepile box.

  • NoStamos

    Yeah the audio ads for me are always about Greek yogurt which everyone in my office now thinks I’m obsessed with o.o But the ads for me are appearing whenever I click on a page in the bottom left ad above the comments area.

  • Random1

    Main page after 2nd post on left side, video add for Daily Spot followed by 2 Lysol adds. I’m using Win7 with Firefox with no add-ons.

  • Samwise

    oh god, i was going to send you an angry email yesterday but thought better of it.

    if I hear the oikos yogurt commercial one more time I might explode!

  • Carter

    Watching a video ad for Pella windows on this very page, at this very moment in fact. Of the two square ad spaces just above the facebook comment area, the left square ran the advertisement.

  • W

    I get them but cannot see the ad. Audio only. Some chick telling me how to fix hair. Annoying…….

  • Chris

    I said I wasn’t coming back, but if you are actually addressing the problem, then good on ya!

    • Zer0FiveSeven

      Why don’t you download AdBlock Plus? It’s not like it’s new. I didn’t even know this site had ads. If you don’t like ads, and you want to use the internet, you’re going to have a serious issue.

  • AnonyMoe

    first of all, Everybody!!!
    INSTALL Adblock Plus or other AD blocker.
    et voila!
    thats it

  • gear7

    I am glad that you are giving this some attention.
    I used to use adblocker but no longer after finding out that it was blocking more than just ads. Plus, on rare occasion I like to click on some ads if they are something that I’m interested in.
    With audio ads I usually just turn down the volume on my PC, but when I’m trying to watch (and listen) to a video that you’ve posted… I have to pause the video until the audio ad is finished 🙁

  • Gratefull Lurker

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you …… Those were really getting on my nerves.

  • HT

    I’ll whip out the debugger the next time I get it and let you know if i find anything….

  • 4lucard

    Here’s a good example.
    I got one for Jaguar and another one for Lysol.

  • GunzOfNavarone

    I’m not getting any audio ads although I do use chrome with Adblock.