Hot Instagram Babe Alexia Raye
Alexia Raye

Smurfing – A Celebrity Or Professional Pretending To Be An Amateur Usually Under Disguise

strip club
11 Dancers And Employees Explain Just How Dirty Strip Clubs Are

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A Tribute To Man's Best Friend

The Heartbreaking Story Of Kwan The Sunbear

Behold These Glorious GIFs!

September 12, 2012 | 1 Comment » | Topics: GIFs

Nah I got sh*t to do today

Japanese game shows are awesome

Nope? What about you? Nope? Okay.. 


Expert hit and run


Take the Touchback


That didn’t go quite as planned 

Football band surfer

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  • DidntGoAsPlanned

    Source for no. #7?