How Wrong Is This Borad Game???

September 13, 2012 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures, WTF

I bought this game at a garage sale when I was in middle school. The best part is that each time you go around the board you have the chance to have “illegitimate children” which you then tally upon passing “go” to earn welfare bucks. During one game I had fourteen illegitimate children and still lost because I ended up having to get a job and therefore off of welfare.

My figure has never been the same since.


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  • Lol

    So how do you know if you Won?
    Your not Ethnic!

  • Jeez!

    Hammerhead Enterprises sounds like a Nazi/skinhead organization (i.e.
    run by “Hammerskins”). Just for some context here, the Ohio Sikh temple
    shooter was a hammerskin douchbag. While I’m not a fan of censorship,
    this game is bordering on hate speech. To all the people who think the
    game is funny….. just keep in mind that the majority of welfare
    recipients are white (not black, not latino, but white!), frequently live in rural
    areas, and often vote Republican

    • JeffWeimer

      Hi Fred. Nice Strawman, BTW. Or is it a Red Herring? I get confused.

      One: This game was created over 30 years ago. The Sikh temple was last month. So your segue from Hammerhead to Hammerskins only has a connection in your (fevered?) mind.

      Two: it matters not the ethnicity of the welfare recipients, only that it is only too common welfare is abused.

      Three: They don’t vote Republican.

  • THEORIGINALGrammarNazi

    Not sure whats wrong with this BORAD game, but i can certainly tell you whats wrong with the title of this post