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September 24, 2012 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Awesomeness, Geeky

I made several different envelopes, each marked with a X that corresponded with the order they were in. On the back of the envelope was an address. Dylan had to find each location using his phone and lead us there either via public transit or walking.

Once we arrived at the location he would open the envelope. Inside each envelope was a picture from the comic that corresponded with where we were standing.

Dundas Square

Sneaky Dee’s

Honest Eds

It took us several minutes to find the exit to get out of this place.

Pizza Pizza

Lee’s Palace

Toronto Reference Library. Unfortunately it closed only moments before we arrived so we were not able to go inside.

The Baldwin Steps. The rails are garbage.

Atop of the Baldwin Steps. You can see the CN Tower in the background.

Casa Loma. This was moments before I proposed.

Once we arrived in front of Casa Loma I handed him the final envelope. Inside was this picture which I spent a week doing in MS Paint. It is clear I am not an artist but this part was important to me. He looked at me extremely confused until I pulled out the ring box.

He said yes!!!

Our engagement rings.


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  • bob

    wait… you asked that dude to marry you?