A Skill Every Self Respecting Man Needs To Have: How To Spot A Gold Digger

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how to spot a gold digger

Gold Diggers are both male and female,despite the stereotypical view that they are usually female. Women are just as likely to find a male latch onto them for their money as a man is. Gold digging is also not restricted to heterosexual relationships. Some people love money and the trappings of success but have a lazy streak, so they would rather find a free ride than pay for their own.
The good news is that Gold diggers are not hard to spot but the bad news is that easy targets for Gold Diggers are even easier to spot!

If you have a lot of money and you are one of these people that loves and enjoys money, glittery objects and big flashy cars etc. then you are a Gold Diggers wet dream because straight away you have something in common! Your other characteristics might include generosity and a mind set that ‘you get what you pay for’.

You might be a big tipper, buy more rounds than the rest of your pals, generally throwing the money around. You do this because you are generous but also because of the attention it brings and you do like attention don’t you! So a nice ‘expensive’ bit of arm candy made not be such a bad trade off right?

Often wealthy men and women have no objection to funding their gold digging partner in exchange for their company if that person is very attractive and makes them look good. Much like the new car makes them look good.

But what happens when the money runs dry or you can nolonger keep up with a gold diggers expensive tastes and needs? Do you think they will stick around? Not likely. They will bleed you dry, accuse you of ruining their life by depriving them of their luxury lifestyle and then they will be off to find their next source of gold!

So if you fit the description above, think twice before happily acquiring an attractive partner on the understanding that you fund their entire lifestyle. The pleasant company will only last as long as the gifts and money keep coming, then the laugh will turn to a scowl.

Now we know what a Gold Diggers ideal mate is, how do those of you who have wealth and success spot a gold digger should you decide to avoid them!

It is important not to confuse a man or woman with little of their own money as a gold digger purely on the basis that they cannot afford to pay for the great dates and places that you want to go.

 You will often know if your date cannot afford that lifestyle and if that’s the case and you still want to enjoy the high life with them, don’t see them as a gold digger if you need to pay. Needing to pay and being able to afford to do so is not the same as being forced to pay and then some regardless of what your date earns!

 Also, someone who can’t afford to pay and is not a gold digger may suggest activities which are free and won’t suggest you go somewhere very expensive knowing full well you’ll be footing 100% of the bill.

 So how do you spot a Gold Digger?

Wherever the money is, God, diggers will be in great abundance. They are not foolish and know how to find what they seek, and that won’t be in any cheap bar or club! When they visit these establishments they will be ‘shopping’ and will be weighing up everyone in the place to see who might offer them the best ‘deal’ in terms of what ‘can you do for me’.

They will start as they mean to go on, by insisting you buy the drinks and suggesting places you can go and things you can buy. They will drive your credit card for you, let alone the new car they might persuade you to buy them.

If your Gold digger isn’t blatantly asking you for gifts, then they will be very huffy and quiet if not in receipt of them but their reasons will soon become clear. You might be accused of being a cheapskate, not treating them right, not appreciating them properly!

A line I heard a gold digger tell a pal of mine was ‘It costs money to look this good, and if he wants to date me, why shouldn’t he pay’. That woman was a gold digger and she got what she wanted..mainly. But when her man got into debt due to trying to fund her excessive needs, things didn’t look quiet so pretty when she was unable to cope on the reduction in living standards.

A Gold digger won’t stand by you when you hit hard times. That pretty little designer face will turn into a twisted nagging grimace and it won’t be pleasant!

If money was the lure, then when you have none or less they will be off looking for the next best thing. If you have fallen for your gold digger, that knowledge may be what spurs you on to ensure that you never do fall short of expectations, but what a hollow empty existence that is!

Do yourself a favor, find someone who loves you for you.