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Things People Carry Daily (25 Pics)

November 6, 2012 | 13 Comments » | Topics: main







Toronto Hooker


27/M/NJ/ Hurricane Survival Kit


Game Warden




27/USA – Traveling Data Forensics professional




33 Male, Biker, Linux admin 




22/F/LA/Student & Part-Time Accountant 






27/M/Firearms Instructor & Medic


19/F/Engineering Student 


22 / F / Soldier








27/M/EMT/Bergen County, NJ 




19 / F / Plus Size Model 


23/F/Research Bootyistant


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  • PTC

    why does everyone carry a gun? thats fuking crazy.

  • Gutterville

    None of them were carrying a condom.

    • DOW856

      19 / F / Plus Size Model

      • Magua

        I think they may be a make-up wipe or moist towelette or something. Could be a condom but I’ve never seen that package before.

  • gun totin n*gg*

    dis stupid sh*t. Ima start carryin a gun and a knife so I feel like i brought the right stuff for work. Im a grave digger and u never know when zombies attack man.

  • 27/M/Robber

    Who da hell am I gonna rob now? everyone’s packin’ and the ho aint got nothin worth stealin’,, what a cruel world..

    • iohhiu

      world? ‘merica is the cruel one.

  • Questionable

    Why does everyone have a knife?

    • Bradley Compton

      you should always carry a knife every day every where you go

  • The Mouser

    Coffee drinkers should have some ProPlus or generic caffeine tablets in your emergency kits, middle of a crisis is NO time to deal with caffeine detox!

  • Concerned

    That is just mental – America scares me just a little bit more now! I’m Australian and have never even seen a gun in real life yet everyone seems to carry one in these pictures or at least a knife!!

    • Magua

      Why is the mental?

      • Magua


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