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In a perfect world, woman would age like Nigella Lawson

underwater dog photos by seth casteel
These underwater dog photos are awesome!

hot babes
The creative ingenuity of Prison Inmates

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A few pictures to put a smile on your face

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Never Forget. This Was Part Of Our History

White People Problems (17 GIFs)

November 19, 2012 | No Comments » | Topics: LOLs

Are YOU tired of dropping your cellular phone on newborns?


The pcp fruit bar, try it you wont feel a thing!


That healin’ feelin


Maybe this will help! 


Tape measures are too hard


Oh shiiieeet! 


This donut looks del-FUUUUUCK 


There’s no room for two dishes! …AH FU*K IT. 


Well, looks like I forgot how to use my hands again.


Are you irrationally depressed by miniature donuts?

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